Thursday, January 7, 2010

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 1-7-10

"Shocking" Report
National Security Advisor James Jones says the report on the failed Christmas bomb attack will be ‘shocking’. Tom’s not sure why the government’s failures are considered shocking to anyone anymore! PLUS: U.S. officials learned of the bombing suspect’s extremist links while he was en route to Detroit. So why wasn’t action taken while the plane was in flight?
Trouble for Tiny Tim?
Some say recent unemployment data suggests employers will begin hiring again, but others believe we're not out of the woods yet. Do you think businesses are ready to hire new employees?  PLUS: Geithner’s New York Fed told AIG to keep quiet about bank deals during the financial crisis.  Is "Tiny Tim" in big trouble?
Orszag Love Child
White House Budget Director Peter Orszag has gotten himself into a little baby-mama drama.  Just weeks before he got engaged to an ABC financial reporter, his ex-girlfriend gave birth to his love-child.  Should the right back off Orszag?  PLUS: was Brit Hume out of line when he suggested Tiger Woods turn to Christianity?  And, disturbing audio of a drunk school bus driver.