Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 1-6-10

Dem Departures!
Three high profile Democrats have dropped their plans to run for reelection this November.  Senators Dodd (CT), Sen. Dorgan (ND) and Gov. Ritter (CO) join a handful of Democrats who have recently thrown in the towel.  How will these developments affect the President's agenda and the future of the party?
C-SPAN Challenge!
C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb has asked top Democrats to televise the final health care negotiations.  Are they shooting themselves in the foot by refusing to allow TV coverage?  Also, President Obama is meeting with key house Democrats today.  Will he be able to convince the far left to concede major parts of the health care reform bill?
Thanks Chris Dodd!
Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd’s overreaches on banks and credit cards have had a dramatic impact on the consumer.  Tom explains why Dodd’s tighter regulations have made your life more difficult and why we should all be saying good riddance to the outgoing Connecticut senator.