Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 1-5-10

California Bailout?
California is running out of cash and asking Washington for a ‘bailout’.  Will the federal government cough up the dough?  Meanwhile, California truck drivers say new "green" rules will put them out of business.  How do states expect to recover if they keep chasing out business?  Why can't leaders connect the dots?
New Security Strategy
Ever since the Christmas bombing attempt, the White House has been trying to convince the country that they’re serious about airline security.  Today President Obama will unveil his new strategy to make air travel safer.  But aren’t tighter regulations meaningless if other countries refuse to comply?
TV Transparency
Mary Schiavo, former Inspector General of the Department of Transportation, joins Tom to share how she would improve airport security.  PLUS: CSPAN CEO Brian Lamb is asking top Democrats to televise the final health care negotiations.  Will Obama, Pelosi and Reid agree and keep their promises of transparency?