Monday, January 4, 2010

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 1-4-10

Will it Help?
New airport security measures start today, but will body scanners, increased screening and stricter rules be enough?  Won’t terrorists keep finding new ways to get onto airplanes?  Does the Obama administration even care about security?  How can we improve the “No Fly” list?
Census Time!
The Census Bureau kicks off its $300 million campaign to get a headcount of the nation's residents.  Will you participate in this once-a-decade hassle, or do you resent the intrusion in your life?  And what’s really behind all those highly-personal questions?
"Asset Bubbles"
Fed Chief Ben Bernanke says we need to be open to raising interest to "pop asset bubbles”.  Is it time to raise rates?  And what impact will raising rates have on our recovery?  Can the economy remain stable without the assistance of huge taxpayer-funded bailouts?