Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 1-14-10

Haiti Help
It looks as if the US will be leading the massive recovery effort after Haiti's deadly earthquake. But considering our own financial crisis, is long-term aid to Haiti an investment we should make? Are we obligated to help our neighbors? Tom will have the latest.
"Responsibility Fee"
President Obama has unveiled a new bank tax. The "financial crisis responsibility fee" is supposed to help financial institutions pay back TARP money. But if most of the deficit is related to bailouts of the auto industry and Fannie and Freddie, why aren’t they paying this new "fee"? PLUS: more bad job numbers, and even worse foreclosure numbers.
"Amish Exemption"
Obama is trying to convince House Democrats to back the more moderate Senate health care bill. But will even more costs be passed on to us? Tom talks health care including the Amish exemption and the Massachusetts factor. Plus, Conan continues to bash Leno and NBC.