Monday, January 11, 2010

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 1-11-09

Reid's Racial Remark
Republicans want Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to resign over racial comments he made about Barack Obama before he became President.  Democrats and the Black Caucus are standing by Reid, but would a Republican get the same pass?  PLUS: the Census forms include the word “Negro” on them.  Is “Negro” an offensive word?
"Cadillac Tax"
The largest hurdle in the health care negotiations seems to be the Senate bill’s “Cadillac tax”.  President Obama, who was once against the tax, is now trying to convince labor leaders to get behind the levy on expensive health benefits.  Is Obama committing political suicide by taking on the unions?
Late Night Shakeup
NBC announced over the weekend that they're cancelling "The Jay Leno Show".  If Leno returns to late night, what happens to Conan O'Brien?  Should Conan move to another network?  Would it be a career mistake for Leno to return to his 11:35 timeslot?  Tom weighs in.