Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 12-9-09

TARP Extension
The Obama Administration will extend the TARP program until next fall, but some in Congress want to continue the crackdown on Wall Street.  Some Democrats say a new transaction tax would help prevent the next crisis.  But will more pressure on Wall Street wind up hurting Main Street?
Senate Health Deal?
The Democrats have come up with a sorta-private public-option compromise.  Does finding middle ground on the issue of a government-run insurance option mean we’ll see health care reform by early next year?  And will this new plan cause 10 million Americans to lose their employer-based insurance? 
Tiger's Troubles
The Tiger Woods story just won't go away!  Gatorade already dropped Tiger - are more advertisers going to follow suit?  Why would Tiger risk so much?  And how did he get away with his alleged serial cheating for so long?  Tom weighs in and wonders how long before Tiger checks into rehab!