Monday, December 7, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 12-7-09

Climate Controversy
Climate-Gate has cast a dark shadow over this week’s Copenhagen summit. Is the controversy enough to sink significant climate compromise?  Will any major changes come from the summit or is this just one big show with an even larger carbon footprint? And what impact will significant climate change regulation have on American industry?
Healthcare Hurdles
President Obama seems worried about getting his health care reforms passed.  Will his own party be able to compromise on issues like the “public-option”?  Is Obama Care doomed?  PLUS: Earlier today, Harry Reid compared GOP opponents of health care reform to supporters of slavery!  How will history judge the health care vote?
Escape from Washington!
Washington politics apparently took a toll on former TARP inspector general Neel Kashkari -- he literally ran from Capitol Hill to a cabin in the woods! Tom will explain. PLUS: Beverly Moglich, author of "Memoirs of a Navy Brat: A Girl's Adventures During the Depression and World War II" joins Tom to share her startling memories of the attack on Pearl Harbor.