Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 12-30-09

**** Spencer Hughes sits in for Tom ****
Warnings Ignored
Former presidential candidate Ron Paul says the US gets attacked by terrorists because the we are "occupiers".  Meanwhile, former VP Dick Cheney says President Obama is pretending we aren’t at war.  Is Obama taking terrorism too lightly?  PLUS: If we had intelligence about a possible airplane terror attack, why didn't we do anything to stop it?
NYC Terror Scare
The FBI was called this morning to investigate a suspicious a white van parked in the middle of Times Square - an area where thousands of people will gather tomorrow night for New Year's Eve.  After this scare and last week’s near-disaster on Flight 523, are you nervous about traveling or being in large crowds? Do you still have that post-9/11 mentality?
A free I-Phone application from the Colorado Department of Transportation allows you to determine your own blood alcohol level before you get behind the wheel.  But is it reliable?  And can it give some people a false sense of security?  Spencer thinks this is a bad idea.