Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 12-23-09

Early Christmas for Dems?
The Senate health care bill will probably pass on Christmas Eve.  Did the Republicans give up too easily?  And, was Sarah Palin right - did Harry Reid's bill include the so-called “death panels”?  Also, what impact will this bill have on the 2010 elections? Tom has the latest on health care.
Spring Hiring?
While sales of existing homes rose 7.4% in November, U.S. new home sales fell to a seven-month low.  What does all this mean? Can the housing market recover in 2010?  And are consumers ready to start shopping again?  Plus, “Tiny Tim” Geithner says employers will start hiring in the Spring. 
Cyber Security
Cyber attacks are becoming more common against both businesses and the government.   Do we take online security seriously enough?  Cyber security experts Mark and Mike Menz join Tom to discuss this growing threat.   PLUS: Can we trust personal alcohol breathalyzers before we get behind the wheel?