Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 12-22-09

The health care bill is bringing out the worst in Washington. While Sen. Graham is calling the Democrats’ bill “sleazy”, Sen. Whitehouse is linking ObamaCare opposition to “birthers”, fanatics and Aryan supporters!  PLUS: Tom says Nebraska isn't the only state that got a sweetheart deal!  And, being a “Guido” at the Jersey Shore is about to get a little more expensive!
Lend, but Don't Spend!
The President met with the CEOs of several small banks today to convince them to back his financial regulations.  Obama is  asking them to lend more, but he still wants them to conserve money.  What’s a small bank to do?  Also, home sales increased by 7.4%.  PLUS: States are running out of unemployment funds. Tom says get ready for higher taxes!
Tarmac Delays
The Obama administration will begin fining airports for tarmac delays and imposing a 3-hour limit on passenger waiting time.  Do you think this new penalty will prevent people from being stuck on airplanes for hours on end?  Or, could this measure actually cause more problems for already frustrated passengers?