Monday, December 21, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 12-21-09

Sweetheart Deals
Thanks to some late-night concessions and payoffs, Senate Democrats passed their health care reform bill in a cloture vote.   Republicans say the “cornhusker kickback” and other sweetheart deals caused a sudden change of heart among ‘moderate’ Democrats.  Tom runs down the list of disgraceful Senate bribes.
79.9% Interest!!!
To get around new credit card regulations, one subprime issuer is offering a card with a 79.9% interest rate!  Has the government’s war on the credit card industry backfired on the consumer?  And, according to USA Today, new toll lanes on free expressways ease congestion and improve travel times.  But do tolls on free roads discriminate against the poor?
Tarmac Delays
The Obama administration will begin fining airports for tarmac delays and imposing a 3-hour limit on passenger waiting time.  Do you think this new penalty will prevent people from being stuck on airplanes for hours on end?  Or, could this measure actually cause more problems for already frustrated passengers?