Friday, December 11, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 12-11-09

Fed Salaries Soar
The number of federal employees earning six-figure salaries has grown significantly during the recession to a whopping 19%!  Instead of cracking down on businesses like Goldman Sachs, shouldn’t politicians look at the huge paychecks and benefits they’re giving government employees?
Dose of "Reality"?
Does the MTV reality show "Jersey Shore" intentionally exploit negative Italian-American stereotypes?  Would MTV air a show that made other ethnic or minority groups look so bad?  PLUS: one of Tiger’s "mistresses” fessed up on the "Today" show.  When will this all end?  Will Tiger quit golf?
Good as Gold?
A week ago gold was hot — but today the price has tanked.  Phil Flynn, Energy Analyst and General Market Analyst with PFGBEST, joins Tom to explain why gold looks less glittery in the eyes of investors!  Plus, former Fannie Mae official Ed Pinto tells Tom why Obama’s mortgage modification plan isn’t working.