Monday, November 30, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 11-30-09

Scott Allen Miller sits in for Tom
"Name and Shame"
The Obama administration has announced they'll “name-and-shame” lenders who do not help struggling borrowers readjust their mortgages. But is Obama pointing the finger at the wrong people? What about the credit card companies? Congress? Or himself?  PLUS: Will a crackdown on the credit card industry hurt holiday sales?
Afghanistan Surge
Tomorrow night President Obama will make a prime-time speech to announce plans for a troop surge in Afghanistan.   As expected, people on the Left are against sending more troops into harm's way, but even folks on the right calling for a withdrawal! Is it time to bring the troops home?  Scott says "maybe"...
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods is under heavy scrutiny over last week’s mysterious, late-night car crash.  Should Tiger give in to the demands of our TMZ-society and spill the beans on the accident or is he better off staying mum?  And, are local police ignoring a possible case of domestic violence?