Thursday, November 19, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 11-19-09

Reid's Bill
Harry Reid and the Senate unveiled their health care reform bill last night.  Will moderate Democrats stop the measure from passing?  What new taxes and regulations are buried in the bill?  And what will it cost you?  PLUS: the American people say "tax the rich", and Jesse Jackson plays the race card.
Time to Step Down?
Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner got an earful while testifying before the Joint Economic Committee earlier today and was even asked to resign!  GOP Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas said all of Obama’s recovery efforts have been a complete failure and Geithner should quit!!  Does ‘Tiny Tim’ need to step down?
In an effort to lower the state’s electricity demand, California may ban 'power-hungry’ TV sets from store shelves!  But will this move help ease California’s energy woes or will it further hurt the Golden State’s less-than golden economy?  And if the ban passes, which appliances will the 'green police' target next?