Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 11-17-09

Mammogram Rationing?
The new U.S. Preventive Services Task Force says women can wait until they’re 50 to start getting yearly mammograms.  Do these new guidelines put costs over women’s health?  Is this really just a form of health care rationing?  PLUS: A recent AP Poll indicates most Americans say it’s okay to tax the rich to pay for health care reform.
Faulty Job Data
The government's online list of 'saved or created' jobs is full of inaccuracies - including data for congressional districts that don't even exist!  Where is the stimulus money really going?  And, should small businesses get TARP money?  PLUS: if you're working two jobs, you may be getting an unexpected tax bill this year.  Tom explains why.
Gift Card Rules
The FDIC has ordered banks to prepay them three years of premiums - a total of $45 billion.  Will banks have enough money to lend consumers?  Also, what will the FDIC do with its over 5,000 houses, subdivisions, buildings, parcels and other foreclosed assets?  PLUS: The government is cracking down on the fees some retailers impose on gift cards.