Thursday, November 5, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 11-05-09

"Risk Pool"?
While the House hopes to vote on a health care reform bill this week, the Senate bill is getting some people angry.  Its 'risk pool' option is supposed to help the 'uninsurable', but some patient advocates say the proposed waiting period may actually costs lives!  Tom breaks down the latest on the health care debate.
Money for Homes
A bill extending the first-time homebuyers credit received bipartisan support in the Senate yesterday.  But is doling out more money really going to help the housing market?  Plus, folks who have owned a home for over five years can get a tax credit too - but what if they've only owned a home for two or three years?  Is it fair to exclude them?
Credit Card Penalties
Yesterday, the House voted to freeze credit card interest rates and fees for nine months and to immediately impose the tough regulations passed earlier this year.  Legislators laid the smack down because credit card companies have been aggressively hiking interest rates.  Tom says people will simply stop paying with plastic - but is that a good thing?