Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 10-21-09

Falling Out of Love?
President Obama’s poll numbers are slipping lower.  Are some of his supporters falling out of love with the President?  And are creating enemy lists, attacking Wall Street and speaking at lavish DNC fundraisers just making matters worse?  Plus, now Obama wants to help small banks and businesses.  Will more spending turn job numbers around?
Presidential Indecision
The President has yet to make a decision about Afghanistan - why doesn't he have a clear plan?  Is Obama's indecisiveness making him look weak?  Shouldn't the Commander-in-Chief show more leadership?  And if you were a soldier in Afghanistan, how would you feel about going to work tomorrow?  Ambassador John Bolton joins Tom.
Rising Tuition
Despite the recession, the average public college tuition has increased 6.5% to $7,020.00.  Why isn’t the Obama administration pouncing on universities for continuing to raise their prices?  Plus, the TARP watchdog says the program helped, but Wall Street hasn't changed their risky behavior and we’re not getting our money back.