Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 10-13-09

Baucus Bill Vote
Members of the Senate Finance Committee are expected to vote today on the Baucus Health Plan. Will the public option find its way into the bill? And what impact will the sudden opposition by the health insurance industry have on the bill’s success?
Windfall Profits Tax
Speaker Nancy Pelosi is advocating a windfall profits tax on insurance companies to help fund health care reforms, but will class warfare tactics further infuriate ObamaCare opponents?  Plus in the next election, will attacking Pelosi rally the GOP base and win over independents?
War on FOX?
It looks like the White House has declared war on FOX News. Communications Director Anita Dunn is now calling the network "a wing of the Republican party".  Do attacks on FOX News make the Obama administration look petty?  Tom weighs in.