Monday, October 12, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 10-12-09

Job Creation
Since the beginning of the financial crisis, many on the right have said the increased tax burden is stifling job creation and hindering a recovery.  Even the White House is considering a tax credit for employers who hire new people.  But, is ‘bribing’ employers the answer?  How do we create jobs and jumpstart the economic recovery?
Housing Recovery?
The so-called housing recovery may not be a recovery at all.  Many serious risks still lurk for folks including a growing number of high-end home foreclosures and the expiration of the tax credit for first-time buyers.  Should the government step in again?  Plus, why did the insurance industry flip-flop on the Baucus bill?
Columbus Day
It’s Columbus Day but in many schools, the Italian explorer is no longer considered a hero.  In fact, lesson plans are starting to include discussions about how unfairly he and the early settlers treated Native Americans.  Has political correctness gone too far?  Or is it time for teachers to talk about the darker side of Christopher Columbus?