Thursday, October 8, 2009

What's on the Tom Sullivan Show 10-08-09

*******Spencer Hughes fills in for Tom ****************
"Get a Job!"
Recent figures show many in the US have been out of work six months or longer.  Spencer can't understand why people think they should wait for the perfect job opening to come along.  When you have financial responsibilities, should you just take what you can get?  Plus, thousands in Detroit line up to receive stimulus money.  Are we relying too much on the government?
Is this Justice?
A Wisconsin couple was sentenced to six months in jail for relying on prayer to save their dying daughter instead of taking the 11-year-old to a doctor.  The girl died of a treatable form of diabetes - does the punishment fit the crime?  And, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius wants everyone to get swine flu vaccines and says they're "safe and secure".  Will you get one?
Philadelphia public schools are required to provide breakfast for their students - regardless of family income.  Aside from those kids who really need financial assistance, is it necessary for the schools to make sure kids are eating before class?  Spencer says this is really just a case of parental laziness!  Plus, a new poll reveals the most annoying word...