Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 9-6-09

Much Ado?
After a week of speculation and panic, President Obama finally addressed America’s schoolchildren today.  Was all the pre-speech hysteria warranted?  Tom explains why it was much ado about nothing.  PLUS: Why are public schools losing so many students?  Would your child be better off in a charter school?
Free Money?
Many states claim they can't collect their share of billions in stimulus money because they can't afford to put up the 20% of costs required by the federal government.  Do the rules need to change, or should the government use those unused dollars for something else?
Passenger Rights
The Business Travel Coalition is coming out in defense of a bill that would allow airline passengers to get off delayed planes that are sitting on the tarmac for three hours or more.  Are any other industries allowed to imprison their customers for hours on end?  Tom explains why the whole system makes no sense.