Friday, September 4, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 9-4-09

Student Speech
President Obama is planning to address school children all over the country on Tuesday in a speech streamed from the White House website, but many parents and school administrators are furious about it.  What's wrong with the President of the United States giving an upbeat speech to the youth of America?  Is the administration once again going too far?
"Essential Benefits"
The House health care reform bill would require medical insurance companies to offer an "essential benefits package" that would include vision and dental coverage.  If those companies are forced to add vision and dental to their benefits, what happens to the specialized businesses that currently provide that coverage?  Tom talks to Al Schubert of vision insurer VSP.
26-Year High
Last month the unemployment rate rose to 9.7 -- the highest level in 26 years.  While employers just eliminated over 216,000 jobs in August, Vice President Biden is painting a rosy economic picture.  Plus,'s Jack Hough talks about the benefits of renting vs buying.