Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 9-1-09

Scott Allen Miller sits in for Tom
Are ridiculous environmental policies to blame for much of the devastation caused by the California wildfires?  Couldn’t a lot of money be saved if we stopped letting people build houses in high risk regions?  Should Americans have the right to build a house wherever they want?
Too Many Kids?
The Duggar family is expecting their 19th child and once again the media is celebrating the announcement. But at what point does it become irresponsible and selfish to have so many kids? And does pop culture too often celebrate celebs and personalities who use their children for attention?
Bring them Home?
Obama aides are admitting that more troops may be required in Afghanistan, but some say we should just leave the country. What should we do — yank the troops or send more? FOX Military Analyst Bill Cowan weighs in.