Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 8-4-09

Falling Revenues
The recession has caused federal tax revenues to plummet. This will likely mean higher taxes and / or painful cuts.  The postal service is already planning some major changes.  Where else should we but back to compensate for all the lost revenue? 
Big Mistake?
Former President Bill Clinton met with Kim Jong Il today to help bring home two American journalists held captive in North Korea.  But should the U.S. be negotiating with the rogue nation over anything?  Tom says Clinton made a big mistake.
Dozens Injured
Dozens of passengers were hurt yesterday when a flight from Brazil to Texas hit heavy turbulence.  Did the passengers cause their own injuries?  PLUS: “Joker Obama” = horrible, offensive. “Joker Bush” = clever, artistic, accurate? Tom explains.