Monday, August 3, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 8-3-09

Broken Promises?
Treasury Secretary “Tiny” Tim Geithner said yesterday that he cannot rule out a middle class tax increase to help pay for health care and tame the deficit. Of course, an increase would contradict promises made by Barack Obama. How will Obama tax the middle class?  And will the people stand for it?  Plus, will healthcare survive when Congress returns in September?
'Clunkers' needs Cash
'Cash for Clunkers' will run out of money tomorrow if it doesn't receive more taxpayer funding.  The Senate will vote on it today, but Demint and McCain are against giving the program any more cash.  Why shouldn’t other industries have a 'clunker' program?  Tom says 'cash for clunkers' exemplifies what's wrong with most government stimulus programs.
Dozens Injured
Dozens of passengers were hurt today when a flight from Brazil to Texas hit heavy turbulence. Did the passengers cause their own injuries?  The FAA says the primary reason injuries are sustained during turbulence is because passengers aren't wearing their seat belts. Plus, what does this incident say about the quality of Boeing versus Airbus planes?