Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 8-05-09

Healthcare Opponents
Democrat lawmakers are complaining that they’re being harassed by opponents of Obama’s health care reform.  The White House has tried to discredit town hall protests by labeling the backlash “manufactured”.  Are the protests helping or hurting the anti-Obamacare cause?  Also, is the White House intimidating dissenters and encouraging people to ‘rat out’ critics?
Housing Hurdles
Despite some positive news in the housing market, there are several hurdles preventing a full recovery.  What can be done to turn the housing market around? And, what can we learn from the Cash-for-Clunker program?  Plus, the House is allegedly spending over $200 million on elite Gulfstream jets!  Should legislators be spending so lavishly?
Cost of Kids
A government study says a middle-income family will spend $291,570 to raise a child into adulthood.  Meanwhile, a study out of Oregon State University claims you can reduce your carbon footprint if you have less children.  Are the government and the Left trying to discourage people from having children?  Plus, the Bill Clinton-North Korea story still seems a lil' fishy…