Friday, July 31, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 7-31-09

Scott Allen Miller sits in for Tom today.
Immoral Villains?
Speaker Nancy Pelosi says it's the “immoral decision-making” of "villainous" private health insurance companies that got us into this health care mess.  Will demonizing insurance companies help the democrats get health care reforms passed?  Are you happy with your health coverage? 
No Apologies
Despite appearances of unity, last night's “beer summit” yielded no apologies from Professor Gates or Officer Crowley.  Should President Obama have apologized for saying the police acted "stupidly"?  Plus, the black officer present during Gates' controversial arrest had a few choice words for the professor! 
Police Profiling
Last night's beer summit was supposed to help relations between minorities and the police.  Have you ever been "profiled" by police?  Scott explains how being singled out because of your race is only one way to be profiled.  And are white women the only group that is immune to profiling?