Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 7-28-09

Fat Tax
President Obama is still out there pushing his health care plan. While he holds a “tele-town hall” with the AARP in Washington D.C., senators on Capitol Hill may be reaching a compromise that could exclude some of Obama’s biggest reforms. Are they really considering a tax on obese Americans?  PLUS: Another Biden Gaffe!
Tom and Tim
US home prices rose in May, the first monthly increase in three years. Are prices are beginning to stabilize?  Meanwhile, Obama’s program to keep people in their homes is failing.  Is it more profitable for lenders to let people lose their homes??  PLUS: Tom and Tiny Tim have something in common.
Black Market
Aside from massive money laundering, New Jersey's big corruption bust involved an even more disturbing element -- the trafficking of human body parts.  With patients literally dying as they await donor organs, was the emergence of a black market inevitable?  Is it morally wrong to trade "Cash for Kidneys"?