Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 7-23-09

Massachusetts Model
President Obama defended his health care plan in primetime last night.  Did the press throw him 'softball' questions?  Plus, three years later, Massachusetts still doesn’t know how to pay for its groundbreaking health care program. What can we learn from Massachusetts before we adopt a similar federal system?
"Acted Stupidly"
During his press conference last night, President Obama said police acted 'stupidly' when they arrested black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. in his own home. The President also said despite some progress, minorities in this country are still unfairly singled out by police. Is the President right?  Was he wrong to even go there?
Victim or Not?
The controversy surrounding ESPN reporter Erin Andrews and her nude 'peephole' video continues. She says she was a victim, but ABC news asks if Andrews' sex appeal 'encouraged' the nude video, and a female USA Today columnist insinuated she brought this on herself.  Is it fair to blame Andrews?