Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 7-22-09

Primetime Push
Tonight the President will hold a primetime press conference to talk about his health care plan -- a trillion-dollar bill he wants to push through Congress before the August break.  If Obama’s plan is passed, how will it affect your current healthcare coverage?  And why is the administration trying to change so much so quickly?
Racial Profiling?
Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. was arrested last week after trying to force open the front door of his own home.  Police say he was uncooperative and disorderly, but Gates says police treated him as a suspect because he's black.  Were the police engaging in racial profiling, or does Gates have his own issues with race?
The Whole Story?
Everyone is talking about the ’peephole’ video of ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews. Was Andrews the victim of a pervert or is there another side to the story?  Also, Steelers QB Ben Rothlisberger has been accused of rape.  How is the media covering this story? PLUS: The abandoned dead.