Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 7-21-09

Class Warfare?
Will President Obama have to make more compromises to get his health care plan passed?  In an interview this morning he refused to back off a ‘surtax’ on the rich to cover health care for the poor.  Will Obama’s class warfare tactics work, or are people getting tired of the anti-rich rhetoric from this White House? 
California Crisis
California has agreed on a plan to close the state's $26 billion dollar budget gap.  The problem?  They didn’t actually close the gap.  And while legislators didn’t raise state taxes, they may force cities and counties to raise theirs.  So, is the California crisis really over?  And will other states face the same dilemma?
"Prenatal Pollution"
This week a federal study claims chatting on your cell phone while driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving.  Another study says the number of Latino workers who die on the job has risen 76 percent since 1992.  A third suggests prenatal pollution is lowering toddlers' IQs.  But are studies like these misleading?