Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 7-15-09

Healthcare Tax?
According to Section 401 of the 1000-page healthcare bill, anyone that doesn't have health insurance would have to pay a new tax - about 2.5% of their income. Is Obama breaking his promise to not raise taxes on those making under $250K? Plus, should a tax on water products like soft drinks pay for upkeep of the nation's water supply infrastructure?
"Worse Than We Thought"
Upscale home sales continue to lag because jumbo loans are just too hard to get. How do we get high-end houses moving again and stabilize the prices in all markets?  Also, Mortimer Zuckerman says the economy is worse than we thought because folks are remaining unemployed longer than usual. Should unemployed homeowners be bailed out?
AirTran, who is introducing internet service on their flights, is also teaching "internetiquette" to their travelers. Tom explains what that means.  And a flyer fights back after an airline broke his guitar.  PLUS: Is love enough to keep a marriage together? And the world's oldest woman to give birth passes away and leaves two toddlers orphans.