Friday, July 10, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 7-10-09

Did He or Didnt He?
A controversial photo shows the President “checking out” a young lady at the G8 Summit.  Was he really sneaking a peek?  And, Sen. Ensign’s parents allegedly paid the family of his mistress $96,000!  Why?  Plus, Levi Johnston says Sarah Palin’s resignation was all about money…
Rest in Peace
Four employees of a suburban Chicago cemetery are accused of digging up graves, dumping the bodies and reselling the plots.  This bizarre story raises questions about the cemetery business and the long-standing traditions associated with laying the dead to rest. 
Empty Malls
Malls and hotels in the US are feeling the crunch - mall vacancies are up and hotel revenues are down.  Is the economy facing a commercial real estate crisis?  Also, the Treasury is encouraging banks to modify more loans.  Why are the administration’s plans moving so slowly?