Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 6-9-09

Giving Back
The Treasury is allowing 10 banks to repay a total of $68 billion in TARP money.  What should Tim Geithner do with all that money?  Meanwhile, there's talk of a new “Stress Test”.  Plus, Obama wants a ‘compensation czar’ to approve the pay changes for all bank executives who received TARP money.
Many Chrysler dealers are being forced to close their doors today.  Were they treated unfairly or should the dealers have seen this coming?  How will all these closings affect the economy?  Plus, Fiat says they will not turn their back on the Chrysler deal, but is there any hope of it going through?
Air France Mystery
Debris from the Air France crash suggests rough weather conditions may have caused the plane to literally fall apart.  Is adhering to environmental standards becoming more important than safety?  And, a new study says nearly every serious regional airline accident in the last 10 years involved pilots who failed multiple skill tests.