Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 6-23-09

Bulldoze the Burbs?
Existing home sales increased 2.4% in May, but prices have dropped 17% from last year.  Some are suggesting in this economy, its time to ‘bulldoze the ‘burbs’ -- hundreds of homes have already been destroyed.  Does that really make sense?  Plus, Tom will break down the highlights of the President's press conference.
Gov't Waste
Despite the increasing deficit and serious economic problems, federal, state and local governments continue to waste our money.  It is no wonder polls show people are losing confidence in the President's stimulus plan.  How do we force our leaders to spend taxpayer money more wisely?
Prisoner Perks
An inmate at a center for violent sexual predators has been caught with child porn that he was viewing on the facility's computers.  Do prisoners get too many perks?  Plus, a study says 60,000 inmates are sexually assaulted every year.  Should the system step up efforts to protect prisoners?
Maureen Murphy
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