Monday, June 22, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 6-22-09

Cheaper Drugs
President Obama will announce today that the drug companies have agreed to reduce Medicare drug costs. But Tom is curious what’s really behind this deal and asks who this agreement will really help.  PLUS: Economist Peter Morici joins Tom to explain his plan for reforming healthcare.
Tobacco Control
President Obama will sign the tobacco control act today in the Rose Garden.  The bill will create even tougher restrictions on the tobacco companies and allow the FDA to regulate what goes into tobacco products and prohibit marketing campaigns.  If the government doesn't want us to smoke, why don’t they just ban tobacco?
Big Bonuses
Despite the White House’s attempts to curb big compensation pay outs, Goldman Sachs employees are expected to receive the biggest bonuses in the firm’s 140+ year history.  Of course this will make “Tiny Tim” absolutely livid.  Should Goldman being rewarding such lavish bonuses in this economic environment?  PLUS: More Obama standup