Friday, June 19, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 6-19-09

Too Big to Fail
The Obama administration’s financial regulatory reform plan includes expanding the “too big to fail” policy that keeps some businesses afloat to avoid the impact of their failure could have on the economy.  But how will they decided who’s too big?  
More Apps!!!
It’s not just the Fed that wants more of your tax money.  Some states will be coming after you too.  North Carolina has proposed a law that would force online retailers like Amazon to collect the state’s sales tax from marketing affiliates.  Plus, the new I-Phone comes out today -- what are your favorite Apps?
Rising Rates?
The Treasury is planning to auction off a $104 billion in bonds next week – exceeding the previous the record $101 billion auctioned in April and $101 billion in May.  But what will that do to interest rates and how will it affect all of us?