Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 6-16-09

Fix It!
May home construction figures climbed far above expectations, but industrial production is down.  What’s really going on out there?  Plus, will taxing soda drinkers really help pay for health care?  Is a cap-and-trade backlash forming?  And, California was denied federal bucks and told to fix the budget.
Media Love Affair
ABC will deliver their nightly newscast from the Blue Room at the White House.  Is the media’s infatuation with Obama going too far?  Vanity Fair claims Obama’s press people are geniuses and playing the media perfectly.  How long will the Obama-media love affair continue?  Plus, Gov. Palin accepts Letterman’s apology, but some are still calling for his job.
The "L-Word"
According to Gallup, “Conservatives” are the single-largest ideological group in the country.  Does this poll reflect reality, or are people on the left just not willing to admit it?  Have conservatives stigmatized the “L-word”? And, how accurate are we when we label ourselves??