Monday, June 15, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 6-15-09

"Safeway" Health
The President is in Chicago to talk to the AMA about his plans for healthcare.  Is the so-called 'public option’ really just a backdoor to the single-pay system?  And, will the Safeway plan of rewarding healthy behavior with lower premiums encourage Americans to take better care of themselves?
Bike Libraries
It seems the recession has caused an interesting phenomenon:  while the demand for cars is increasing in China, a trend toward bike-riding is gaining interest in America.  Some struggling college campuses are even creating ‘bike libraries’.  Is the recession beginning to change our way of life? 
Postal Progress
The US Postal Service may be facing some major changes.  The cash-strapped agency is considering a reduction in services, consolidating offices and slashing jobs to save money.  Of course unions and others may try to block these cost-cutting efforts, but could this be the beginning of the end for ‘snail mail’?