Thursday, May 7, 2009

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 5-7-09

GM Woes
GM reported a $6 billion loss in the first-quarter and saw a 21% drop in sales.  With the June 1st deadline looming, does GM have any chance of staying out of bankruptcy?  Plus, Italy will continue to support Fiat, but only if they keep jobs in the country.  How will this impact the Chrysler-Fiat deal?
Afraid of Prayer?
Today is the National Day of Prayer but President Obama wants to keep his prayers private.  Are you troubled that he's not going to host an ecumenical service at the White House as President Bush did?  Does Obama's scaled back approach reflect the country's changing views toward religion?  Tom remembers when Presidents weren’t afraid of prayer.
"Odd Day"
Bank stress test results will be released this afternoon and Tom will have a breakdown.  Also, does today seem "odd" to you?  05/07/09 marks “Odd Day” – Tom explains what that means.  Plus, Tom wraps up this week's "American Idol" and sits down with "Idol" castoff Matt Giraud.