Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 5-5-09

Ethanol Support
The Obama administration has announced plans to boost the struggling ethanol industry by encouraging the production of cars that run on high-level ethanol and by supporting the development of more bio-fuel refineries.  But they say they still need to find out if ethanol production has a worse impact on the climate than gasoline! 
Topless Photos
Weeks after Miss California's 'controversial’ comments about gay marriage, the attacks on Carrie Prejean continue.  Last week, the Miss California pageant revealed that Prejean had breast implants, and now a celebrity gossip blog claims to have nude photos of the Miss USA runner-up.  Were these stories leaked out of revenge? And where is Donald Trump in all this?
Follow the French?
A study reveals that the French spend more time sleeping and eating than any of the world's wealthiest nations.  Should Americans be sleeping and eating more?  Are we working too hard?  Plus, even as H1-N1 (swine flu) fears subside in the US, the panic continues in other parts of the world with some countries quarantining suspected cases.