Friday, May 29, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 5-29-09

Buying "Green"
If you're already mad about the auto bailouts, wait until you have to fork over dough to save GERMAN jobs! Tom explains.  Plus, it turns out that those energy-saving light bulbs aren’t as popular as some had hoped.  If people won’t even buy ‘green’ bulbs, who the heck will buy a ‘green’ car?
TV Talk
Tom takes a look at all the wacky things on TV this week.  Unlikely super-star Susan Boyle will sing in the “Britain’s Got Talent” finale this Saturday, but will her recent spat with journalists cause her the title?  And, Jay Leno’s final “Tonight Show”.  Plus, do shows like “Jon & Kate Plus 8” and "Intervention" exploit the participants? 
"Idol's" Danny Gokey!
Despite some positive news about the economy, the housing market is still a mess.  Mortgage delinquencies are at the highest rates since 1972!  And the annual return on a home can barely keep up with inflation.  Is buying a home still a good investment?  Plus, "American Idol's" early favorite Danny Gokey shares his amazing story!