Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 5-28-09

Out of the Woods?
President Obama says the economy has been pulled back from the ‘brink’, but Tom thinks we’re not out of the woods yet. Consumer confidence may be up, but the housing market is still a mess, local governments are still struggling and people are still losing their jobs.
A Free Woman
Sara Jane Moore, the woman who tried to assassinate President Ford 34 years ago, is now a free woman.  Should she still be in prison?  Is 32 years behind bars fair punishment for attempting to assassinate a U.S. president?  Should the law judge every crime and person equally?
Reality TV
“Jon & Kate Plus 8” is the latest intrusive reality show that has captivated the American people.  But do shows like “Jon and Kate” exploit the participants?  Why are so many Americans interested in watching other people self-destruct on national television?  And what kind of reality TV do you watch?