Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 5-13-09

Healthcare Reform
President Obama wants big healthcare reforms passed by July 31st.  But how will we pay for it?  Will cuts and reforms chase away good doctors?  What new taxes (soda? cap-and-trade?) should we expect?  And with a report suggesting that Social Security and Medicare may face insolvency sooner than we expected, is now the time for more huge government programs?
Housing Confusion
What’s going on with the housing market?  Foreclosures are up, median house prices are down.  But at the same time, home sales picked up in 17 states while April saw a drop in listings.  So, are we near the bottom or is the market still falling?  Tom thinks the housing market is still very sick.
"Long-Term Benefits"
The Obama administration is reportedly considering ways to curb compensation in the entire financial industry!  Obama wants compensation to be based on a person's ‘long term benefits’ to the company.  Will tighter regulations chase talent to other sectors of the industry that are less regulated? What impact will these changes have on consumers?