Monday, May 11, 2009

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 5-11-09

Today President Obama outlined his ideas for reforming healthcare.  Tom points out how Obama’s healthcare plan is different from Hillary Clinton’s plan in 1994.  Also, Tom discusses how the huge amount of aging baby boomers will not have enough doctors and nurses to take care of them.  Will we soon be rationing healthcare?
Pilot Shortage
The airline industry is also looking at a shortage of airline pilots and traffic controllers.  Plus, one investigation has found that the captain of February's fatal commuter plane crash in Buffalo New York was never adequately trained.  How do we make sure we have enough qualified pilots in the sky?
Pageant Double Standard?
Miss California Carrie Prejean will soon learn whether she can keep her crown.  But is there a pageant double standard? Why is it acceptable for Miss Rhode Island to have taken semi-nude photos, but not for Miss California?  Are Miss Rhode Island’s photos even racier?  You be the judge.  Plus, what did you think of Barack Obama, the comedian?