Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 4-29-09

First 100 Days
Tom takes a look at the highlights and lowlights of President Obama's first 100 days. Has your opinion of the President changed since he took office? Plus, Obama continues to do well in the polls, but how long will that last?
Swine Flu Hysteria
Tom continues to follow the “swine flu” hysteria and all the fear mongering that has plagued its media coverage.  Although there are some real concerns, Tom will put the flu's threat into perspective and explain why we don't need to start slaughtering pigs and closing the borders.
"Fleeting" Expletives
The Supreme Court says the FCC can penalize even "fleeting" expletives uttered on the airwaves before 10 p.m. Do you agree? Plus, Tom sits down with "Idol" castoffs Anoop Desai and Lil Rounds.  Then, Juliet Huddy, co-host of “The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet”, will tell us who should be the next to go.