Friday, April 24, 2009

What's on The Tom Sullivan Show 4-24-09

Is it "Torture"?
The White House has decided to release dozens of photos depicting the treatment of terror suspects at US prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan during the Bush administration.  Will they be as incriminating as some liberals think?  How far should our military go to extract information from those who want to hurt us? 
Stress Tests
Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner will give 19 banks the results of their "stress test" today.  If a lending institution doesn't have enough capital to pass the "test", it can try to raise funds, or accept aid and give the government part ownership.  Is this the government's way of forcing banks to sell their "toxic assets"?
Housing Turnaround?
New home sales in the U.S. dipped slightly last month, but were higher than anticipated.   And, sales of existing U.S. homes in March stayed near a four-month average.  Does this mean the housing market is starting to turn around?  Tom gives his analysis.