Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 4-22-09

Earth Day!
Tom takes a look at global warming and tries to distinguish between fact and fiction.  Have both sides lost all credibility?  Plus, are fat people causing global warming?  And are we scaring our children into being "green"?
Not So Tiny!
“Tiny” Tim Geithner hasn’t been so "tiny” lately.  In fact, Tom is impressed with the Treasury Secretary's recent public appearances! Tom still wants to know when the administration will release the stress test results and when they plan on taking the TARP money back!
Tragic Ending
The suicide of Freddie Mac acting-CFO David Kellerman shocked the country this morning.  Tom takes a deeper look at the all-too-common act of suicide, and why Kellerman was still in charge after recent inquiries into possible accounting violations at Freddie Mac.