Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's On The Tom Sullivan Show 4-02-09

Option to Oust
Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner dodged questions from Katie Couric last night, but he was not shy about proclaiming his right to oust more bank CEOs.  Tom breaks down Geithner’s language (or lack of it) and how the government continues to seek more power.
Presidential Faux Pas?
While 19 of the G20 members hold a joint press conference, President Obama opts to hold his own press conference later in the day.  This seems to be another in a growing list of social faux pas made by our President.  Is he arrogant or simply oblivious?
Poor Hit Hard
A huge increase in the tobacco tax took effect yesterday.  Does the tobacco tax hike disproportionately hurt the poor and negate the President's tax cut promises?  And, are anti-smoking ads going too far?  Do higher taxes and graphic ads actually curb smoking?